Monday, February 21, 2011

Hey, where'd you go?

In a brief moment of sanity (insanity?) I've decided to combine my two blogs into one. I'm in the process of moving all of the posts from this blog over to Simply Rea. Hopefully if I only have ONE blog to keep up with I will actually post something of substance a little more frequently.

As I posted over there:

Occasionally I will have what seems like a Really Great Idea. I will get excited about this Really Great Idea and start to run with it only to find that it wasn't such a great idea, in fact sometimes it is a really lousy idea.

One such Really Great Idea was trying to start two blogs at once. I thought I'd keep this one for my lighter ramblings and the other one for my deeper thoughts. That's not working out so well. First, because apparently I have more light ramblings than deep thoughts, and second, because I barely have time to write for one blog, let alone two.

And let's face it, if this blog is about being simply who I am, then who I am is someone that can't just be reduced to one or two facets of my life. I'm made of flesh and spirit, God's beloved with dirt under her fingernails and I really can't separate the two. Every day is touched by the breath of God, every day offers the opportunity to hear his voice in the most mundane of tasks.
I was going to delete posts as I moved them, but after the laborious process of moving and deleting two posts I discovered the Export/Import Blog feature which accomplished everything within the span of less than a minute. Sometimes I'm slow to think about stuff like that!

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